Old Clinic & New Clinic

Quite some time ago it was the last Clinic, as usual I went along and had a blinding night and took a few snaps. They kindly put my photos up on their blog along with my piece that made it into their FEAR exhibition so I didn't think it would be necessary to put them up on my blog as well at the same time. They had the awesome Tall Ships, Alan Welsh, Jamie N Commons, Beaty Heart and In Lieu providing the music and the talented and extremely well known poets Jack Underwood, Emily Berry, Sam Riviere, Heather Phillipson and Joe Dunthorne reading. I've waited until they announced their next night to remind you how good the last was so you'd come down for that one too.

I was using a camera I had never used before, a Canon A1, so I wasn't %100 on what I was doing in terms of feeling comfortable with the camera. Also I'm pretty sure the film was out of date hence the graininess but I don't really mind that. I wish I could put up every photo singularly but you'd be scrolling down for about 3 months and I think some work well together. Anyways, here's some from the last night they had in Decemeber. It was awesome. I'll put the flyer for the next one underneath. See you there!

Come down to this for their best line up of musicians and poets yet, their nights are really are something to experience.