A celebration of the power of two.

Fuck The Whiteboard is back after the last mental night with a night dedicated to some of the best up and coming two member bands around, including the fucking mind blowing TEK ONE. Before I go on to more details I want to thank Geo Siorvanes for yet another incredible poster design. He doesn't usually do shit like this so we really do feel privileged to have his amazing illustrations on our posters, that he creates entirely. He's currently perfecting his blog so everyone can see his work up online really soon, I'll link it on here as soon as he's ready as I know a lot of people have been asking to see more!

But yeah, I won't go into too much detail, you can visit the Facebook events page for that. But the headliner this month is TEK ONE. If you haven't heard of them already its only a matter of time, their basically a live dubstep project that's making kids move like they should be. Your see what I mean with the Video's underneath. The first one is the actual song, the second is the live drummer that is one half to TEK ONE..