Nikon One Touch 90

Last time I was in Brighton I went on a bit of a mad one buying cheap film camera's for minimal cash. Just so I had a few I could throw about etc. So I'm rummaging around in a charity shop, looking through old Power Ranger tapes and candle holders and I came across this beauty. A pretty much brand new Nikon One Touch 90, with the most beautiful price label on it I've ever seen. 50 pence. These are currently fetching around £50 on ebay. Also on amazon for some strange reason are priced at 300 dollars. So I obviously grabbed it, pretty much wrapped the 50p and gave it to the old bloke down on one knee. And left. I have a few proper shoots to get developed from it but I have already got my 'test' one back. Here's a few...

Nathan Bryant

Fuck The Whiteboard - ISLET & THE DEAD ROYALS

These are from a FTWB night at the Old Blue Last. The Dead Royals, Black Hellcock and Islet played, they all smashed it. Islet were a totally different experience, seriously amazing. If you ever get a chance to see them, you should. Oh yeah, you may notice one of the guys from The Dead Royals is slightly wasted. When I mean wasted, I mean he probably thought he was playing to a room full or unicorns and elves the way he was in. Excellent entertainment. I took two films, one colour and one black and white. I only caught Islet and The Dead Royals on this one, the other I'm still waiting for.


The Dead Royals

This guy...

An abandoned squatted strip club, in Mayfair?

So yeah a month or so ago Off Modern hosted a party in a squat, in an recently abandoned strip club, in Mayfair. I know what your thinking. It all went down and the party was a raging success. The place was absolutely insane. Clinic hosted a poetry reading/workshop/gig before the party started on the upper level. I headed down early to snap the place but didn't have great results, as it was nearly completely dark with the odd spot light here and there to light each room. But still it was sick. Clinic had a good turn out and put on an amazing event as always and Off Modern packed the place out. Here's some snaps of the place before it turned into a party with no laws or rules...

I have some 35mm point and shoot ones too that highlight some interesting points, will put them up soon too.


I hope you had a nice Christmas and shit. In the next few days the only thing your going to be thinking about (a part from getting the fuck out of your house) and talking about is new years eve. A night where you have to go out and get fucked, you really just don't have a choice. But along with this you also have to make a choice of which out of the 500 venues your friends are going to. Not to mention the same sort of figure for entry price and drinks.
Hopefully this might help, Fuck The Whiteboard are having the last messy two hours at this. I'm hitting a house party then ending up here. Trust me, it will not disappoint. 


''This is how we do it. We've invited 8 of our favourite promoters from the last 12 months to host 2 hours each at our very own New Years Eve House Party. Each will be joined on the decks by special guests, friends and bands who have played in the last year. If that wasn't enough we've invited one of the most exciting ground breaking electronic music producers in the country to come and see us through midnight, self styled inventor of midget house, SOLO.

Downstairs will be hosted by Kate Bones, Cool For Cats, No Pain In Pop and Dance Magic Dance.

Upstairs will be hosted by Fuck the White Board, Pearl Flash, Dollop, Goldsmiths Bass Society and seeing us through midnight SOLO.''

Doors: 8PM TILL 4AM 

Deadlines, deadlines, derdlones, dridlinrs, eh?

I have not forgotten about my blog, just had some serious deadlines at university so had to have a bit of a back log on stuff. My last hand in is on Thursday, so after that it shall be flowing again, in the mean time I'll leave you with some photos from the collections to come...


Grace Harley


Things started for the Fuck The Whiteboard nights at the start of the year at the Macbeth. Now we're ending an amazing year where we started it with our biggest night yet. The line up is going to be jaw dropping and the DJ's have got some serious talent to keep you dancing all the way until 4am.
I thought I'd take some time on here tell everyone about the workshop a little more that's going to take place at the Macbeth just before the main night.

Fuck The Workshop will be hosted by FTWB and BEAR GAMI. We're going to be organising the Macbeths layout like you've never seen it. Get a truck load of tacky xmas materials/ magazines/books and workshop essentials for all you creative heads to make xmas zines, decorations, xmas cards etc. Everything that is made is more than welcome to go up on string around the venue for the coming night. Traditional Christmas songs will be played and free minced pies will be going round to keep you going! Its on the 11th of December 4PM till 8PM and it'll be FREE.
So yeah get down and get making, hopefully see you all there!


Also once again I'd like to thank Geo Siorvanes for another cracking illustration, here it is on its own without the text so you can really see the detail that has gone into this.