Didn't really post for a few weeks after I handed in at uni, the photos have mounted up so I'm back on it. 

I can't work out why Hugh was so happy to find me hiding in his boot. 

Welcome to Deptford.

A few drinks at our friend's website launch night turned into a complete blood bath a few weeks back. It was the Playedio launch night at The Bunker Club in Deptford, not the safest of places but they knew the owners and the drinks were ridiculously cheap. Everyones on the dance floor doing dance floor stuff and a massive group of guys that had been kicked out of a club in New Cross came pouring in, why the fuck they were let in we don't know. But it didn't take long for them to kick off, and we're not talking about a few punches here and there. They were literally picking up glasses and throwing them aimlessly around the tiny venue. It was a mass brawl. About 6 people ended up in hospital and there were a lot of bumps and cuts all in the wrong places. It was fucking mayhem.

With no surprise Lewisham hospital were as much help as a pair of sunglasses on a bloke with one ear. Myles had a gash between his eyes the size of south east Asia and they did sweet fuck all about it. So we had to got to work on his face, I had some duct tape in the tool shed so we patched him right up...

Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke...after hours. Shoot 1

Me and Myles went back to the Kidbrooke estate I wrote about a few posts ago tonight. I won't go into to much detail now as we plan to go back in the week when theres more of us and its not raining. To be honest I think the rain was the least of our worries. It's a whole different world at night. Here's one I managed to get tonight before it starting shitting it down...


I hit 10,000. Thanks. Heres my first post.