''This is getting weird mate''

So yeah, like I partly explained in my previous post...Hugh and I were up Telegraph Hill park, which was pitch black, about 2AM to do this shoot. The results were mental. The ones I've posted below have had no editing what so ever. I will eventually make a piece out of them, but for now I will just put them up how they came off my camera. They are absolutely nuts, fucking psyched with the result. 


More fire.

Me and Hugh went back up to Telegraph Hill Park last week about 2am loaded up on a few too many mugs of coffee, a tripod and a handful of ideas. We ended up doing one hell of a pretty twisted fucked up shoot, I'm going to be posting the bulk of this later on, but while I'm sorting them out I'll put up some I took before the main shoot...

Remember, remember the fif....the eleventh of November.

 I'm wearing of these at the moment, I hope you are too.

 The 11th of the 11th at 11am we all know we have two minutes silence to remember and honor the people who fought and died for our country and our freedom. Remembrance Day. I recently brought up at work (Levis on Carnaby Street, central London) about the two minutes silence and my manager said we shall not be doing it. Purely because the tourists, who make up 70% of the people who shop there on a Sunday, would get 'confused'. I think that is bollocks. Now I don't want to get all Nick Griffin on your ass and I don't know if I'm just being a moany twat but I think that's just wrong. I now will have to remember those in my two minutes silence out the back, in the stockroom.

King George V. On 7 November, 1919
All locomotion should cease, so that, in perfect stillness, the thoughts of everyone may be concentrated on reverent remembrance of the glorious dead.''

La Forchetta

A Weekend.

This film went to a few nights over the space of one weekend. A Dubstep Fuckthewhiteboard night at the Macbeth, then the following night again at the Macbeth for a Longleave night, Dilly's birthday bash. Then after that, south of the river to a house party in New Cross. I selected a few from these heavy two days. BUT...if you can find the discreetly placed picture of an angry midget you get 10 points. Enjoy. 


I was talking to my friend Amy from work the other day on Skpye and she just so happened to be chilling out at home dressed in a fully fledged dinosaur suit. Obviously this raised a few questions. I proceeded to find out about KIGU's. A few days later 6 or 7 of us all have one of our desired choice on order. It took a bit of a read but jesus christ, these things are designed to wear when your lounging around the house etc. Technically giant PJ's, making them totally not gay, sort of. Its going to be a Sunday evening I-have-fuck-all-to-do-so-I'm-going-to-chill-out-in-my-wolf-suit kind of thing.

Oh yeah, Urban Outfitters are buying out the company and going to start selling them for £60 a go. So £30 - £35 doesn't seem so bad right now.

Fuckthewhiteboard Gets Filthy

This is a poster for mine and Russ' club night called Fuckthewhiteboard, its on fortnightly at The Macbeth in Hoxton and The Old Blue Last in Shoreditch. Been going since around Christmas and we got a banging review from Timeout so they proceeded to do an entire article on us, which was pretty sweet. I'll scan that in and put it up soon. But in the mean time, check out the blog (its being updated this weekend!).
Fuckthewhiteboard Blog

Also, here's the poster for the next night, the amazing illustration was by Geo Siorvanes and sick typo but Hugh Barrell. Come down, have a picture with the whiteboard and enjoy the night...
Facebook Event page

I get a free sambuca with that yeah?

Student night at the Old Blue Last a few weeks ago, 25% off the bar, 8 free bottles of sambuca and all the hilarity that comes with that. Heres a few from the night...

MyBookThatMeansEverythingAndNothing // deux

A second lot of pages picked at random from my moleskin journal thing...



For one of my modules at uni we had to pick a photographer that we have to solidly study for five to six weeks. I thought this sucked because I know every week I'd probably want to change photographers because I don't have just one photographer that I love. After A few hours in the library I came to the conclusion of Weegee.

From the mid 1930's to the 1940's he photographed New York's urban everyday. From murder scenes, fires and automobile accidents for the readers of the New York tabloids. Through his lens, the city became a permanent performance for him, while he documented the raw truth of these characters lives in the burst of a flash.

The main reason I chose Weegee was because he's one of my favorite photographers that I don't know a great deal about, giving me the interesting chance to learn more about him. Also all his work was black and white film, something I'm eager to start using more, making him the perfect photographer to research for this module. If anyone has any good books, articles or anything of the sort on him please let me know...

Simply Add Boiling Water 1937

Car Crash, Upper Fifth Avenue 13 July 1941

On the spot 1940
'To me a photograph is a page from life, and that
being the chase, it must be real.'


Mickey, Rescuers down under, danger mouse etc, stay on your toes. 10 Vesta Road are not taking any prisoners.

You need to go to the Clinic.

A bunch of my friends run a poetry, art and music night called CLINIC PRESENTS in and around South East London. Their nights are amazing, usually involving an exhibition, poetry readings from the guys and sets from some awesome artists at the end. If you ever hear of one get down there and check it out.  I'll give you a hint when it is...

Here some photos from their most recent night at the Amersham Arms in New Cross. It was an incredible night and I truly think there's only better things to come from these guys.

click to see blog

Killing Time. I think.

Tower Bridge.

So on my travels from East London to South London, I went across a bridge. I know I'm milking it a bit tonight now, but I've only got this tripod on loan for a week...