Went to Paris yesterday for the day. I took my Canon A1 with a 20mm lens so had that in my hand most of the day but took a few digital just for the books. Ended up using around 3 rolls of film so will get them up in the week. These are not really amazing photographs just a few off my slr until I get the proper ones up. 


Taken in probably one of the most interesting recording studios I'll ever enter in Rochester, Kent. Went down one day when The Underground Heroes were doing some recordings, the studio still runs completely analogue. 

Brighton Feb

Some doubles...

Roy Parker

Meet Roy. 

Her hair on your hair

There's things to do to pass the time when waiting for your flight...

Greta & John

Just edited my blog html so now I can make photos pretty darn big. The first photo is from a shoot I did in the studio with my brand spanking Canon A1.


About time this guy came home now.


When I was younger I'd help my Granddad doing jobs out the back and front of the house etc, him doing the big jobs and me helping him. Today the roles were reversed. I did all the heavy jobs and he helped me. The realisation of that change is kind of sad. 

Stockholm | nummer sex

Found a stray film in a coat from Stockholm. Got some pretty decent pictures back which is good. When we got kicked out of our hostel we had a good few hours to kill before we could head to the airport. We were all completely shagged and had minimal energy and were all getting quite annoyed with the minus sixteen conditions. So we gave up all hope found an all you can eat pizza hut and set up shop in there for a good few hours. 

Valentines day

We always pop down to Brighton every now and then. But on Valentines days this year a group of us went down and Jethro, Myles and Hugh agreed to go for a swim. I didn't envy them but fair play.

Fuck The Whiteboard in Brighton

People did do other stuff on the board a part from rims, dicks and vaginas. Go on the Fuck The Whiteboard blogspot to see what else went down...

Geo Siorvanes

The guy who does our Fuck The Whiteboard poster illustrations has finally got a nice healthy flowing blog of his work. You have to check this out.

Also this is the next FTWB night THIS FRIDAY!!

Volume Magazine

Volume Magazine recently asked me to photograph Two Door Cinema club for their bi-annual publication which was pretty sweet.  They have also very kindly featured me on their blog. 

Here's one that I took but I'll put the Two Door Cinema club photos up soon...


These 5 x 4 polaroids were shot on a large format in the studio a few weeks back. It's a work in progress.

Killer Ladybugs.

I was warned before I moved into the room that I'm in now that towards summer time there would be a slight rise in the number of ladybugs in my room (that being from zero to quite a few). I naturally thought to myself that definitely isn't a problem. 

As we come out of winter and into spring I'm starting to know what they were talking about. Slowly one by one I'm seeing a few extra dots appear around my room. I counted 14 today. I'm more and more each day starting to feel slightly threatened in my own room, they are obviously planning something. As they slowly build their army against me I shall be stocking up on cans of Lynx and lighters to flame thrower them in mid flight around my room. 

I'll keep you updated on my struggle...