Still waiting for the full set of images from this shoot.
Will have them up asap.


Hugh's 21st FLICKR

Marathon Day

A good few weeks ago it was the Marathon and our friend Jethro was running it. He finished with a decent time and raised, and still raising, a shit load of cash for Mencap which is always good. We all headed up to cheer him on and try and catch him at as many points around the route as we could. Was a very successful day and we all had a bloody good time. Oh yeah, I got a photo of Richard Branson dressed as a butterfly too.

Flickr for the rest

Just wanted to say a final congratulations to Jethro for completing the run, making us all feel extremely fucking lazy and raising money for the children at Mencap. 

Ferrier Estate, Kidbrooke

Got a whole load of final night shots from the night shoot at the lovely and sunny Ferrier Estate. Here's one.


Never got to show my colour 35 finals from this shoot because as soon as I had printed and mounted them I handed them in.
They had a much better feel about them than the digital ones. I'll scan them in as soon as I get them back.

Kat's Party

FLICKR for the rest