South of the River

Sorry, I know this is one of the most generic shots ever to come out of Greenwich.

Moleskin // trois

These are some more pages picked at random from my moleskin given to me at the beginning of the summer. I'm about 8 pages away from filling the whole 250.


Out of the dark then straight back in.

My course at uni BA Photographic Arts is actually 50% theory. So for the past few weeks I've just been writing and researching mostly. Resulting in not a lot of practical getting done. But, I have two films in for development, and a barrel load of ideas coming into play over the next few weeks so the blog will be flowing nicely again.

These are a few basic prints I did in the dark room from a black and white film from a basic point and shoot compact camera. Only had a few hours in there until I had to go to work so had to bust a few things out in not a lot of time. Back in there tomorrow to get some proper decent images done from this batch. Here's what I managed to come out with. Also please take into account this was my first time in a darkroom in about 2 years so still a bit rusty!

Sorry for the random cut out white space in Justin's arm, I used this for his birthday card so it had writing there.   


I know I haven't posted anything for a while, this is because I'm in the middle of a move and have had a lot of deadlines at university recently too. So in result of these two things its been pretty hard to sort my life out to get bits together to scan etc for the blog. So now I have a back log of about 8 posts. Expect a mass blogging session in the week.
In the mean time, here's the poster for the next Fuck The White Board night. Another cracking illustration but Geo Siorvanes and text by Hugh Barrell. There's one in black and one in white, we're going to be putting them up around London as pairs as they look equally as good. Thanks guys for continuing to sort us out!

Come along, its going to be an amazing night!

Life in slow motion

I haven't got much to say today.

Blue Bell Hill

Occasionally I miss certain periods of my life while enjoying others.

Its fucking freezing everywhere.

...and its just going to get colder. So get on the texting situation to the rents asking nicely, after not speaking to them in a month, whether they 'would like to put towards your winter coat'. I bet you my hat that they are fucking dreading that text. But after constant moaning about you 'having the sniffles' for two weeks and your just so cold your not happy their give in. That or they really do know how much loan you actually got.

This has nothing to do with anything, here's some shots from summer...

The two of myself in them was taken by Sam BW out of Clinic, the dude in the Tie-dye.

CLINIC - A Secret Reading - 35MM Photo's

Here's the second lot of photos that a shot on a small film camera from the Clinic Presents A Secret Reading night. I posted the digital ones and a description of the night a few posts down if you didn't read it!

I live in my brief.

You may have seen me mention my TIME-SPACE-LIGHT project from uni. Well we were given a pretty broad brief to work on for 10 whole weeks. As it was so broad the tutor gave us all a map with a square drawn on it and we had to work within that square for the whole project, which I thought was pretty awesome. The maps were handed out at random and the squares were scattered out all over central London, both sides of the river. Taking into account 90% of the people in my class live in Harrow (North West London), so all the squares would be far away and they'd have to travel. This is my randomly given square to work in, look for the faint orange square. I live at the end of Bethnal Green Road, the end that's in my square. So I actually live in my square. Touch.


Obviously this Thursday night is the night everyone gets really cold, drunk and some seirous neck ache from looking at pretty colours in the sky while listening to parents make noises such a Oooh and Ahhh. When you do finally get bored of these events and realize you want to make a night of it, COME TO THIS!

The picture for the poster was taken by myself and the text was done by James Williams Brooks, check out his blog:

CLINIC - A Secret Reading

The CLINIC Presents: A secret reading was the the other night and once again they smashed it. The facebook group was created and all that was told that there would be a secret reading and the location wouldn't be announced till the day. The original location was meant to be in an amazing abandoned building in New Cross but it seemed on the day the council had beefed up the security of the place with 3 inches thick of wood and sniper towers etc. So they quickly turned it around and bagged an intimate gallery space in a friends house above an old pub. They made it look amazing and the room was packed out the door regardless of the sudden location change.

I took two camera's and it proved quite a challenge to take photos as the light was so low and any type of flash I think just didn't capture the amazing mood they had earnt from the set up (also the space was perfectly quiet when the readings were happening so if anyone took a photo with film or digital camera the noise hit everyone's ears in the room like a hot flannel). So I'll post my digital ones up first, I know some of them are very dark but I think they portray the mood in the room perfectly. And trust me, everyone was so into it...


Screen Prints

If you've checked out the Fuckthewhiteboard blog yet, you would have seen the amazing screen print at the top which is from a collection of FTWB prints, done for us by Hugh Barrell.
Check out his work on his blog: