Out of the dark then straight back in.

My course at uni BA Photographic Arts is actually 50% theory. So for the past few weeks I've just been writing and researching mostly. Resulting in not a lot of practical getting done. But, I have two films in for development, and a barrel load of ideas coming into play over the next few weeks so the blog will be flowing nicely again.

These are a few basic prints I did in the dark room from a black and white film from a basic point and shoot compact camera. Only had a few hours in there until I had to go to work so had to bust a few things out in not a lot of time. Back in there tomorrow to get some proper decent images done from this batch. Here's what I managed to come out with. Also please take into account this was my first time in a darkroom in about 2 years so still a bit rusty!

Sorry for the random cut out white space in Justin's arm, I used this for his birthday card so it had writing there.