My Tourist Day...for John

The other day it was my Granddad's 81st Birthday. Happy Birthday John Legend, life begins at 80. We call him John Legend because his pure skill to fall asleep at any given place or time and his amazing contribution to the world of ''classic-old-people-you-can't-say-that-anymore-humour''.

So in celebration of his birthday my family came up to London to meet me and we'd all spend the day together as there's sweet fuck all to do in Kent. It was a complete tourist day and I loved it.
We got some boat thing up the Thames which was pretty sweet then got off at London Bridge and walked along South Bank. Then John proceeded to tell me how he lived there during the war and watched the 'gas man' light the lights across London Bridge in the morning, pretty boring but I was loving it at the time like a 6 year old hearing an old war story. Anyway I could go on but I won't, here's some extremely tourist photos from a tourist day. I know these photos aren't the most original things ever and 76% of all tourists this day got these pictures too but, yeah...