I was talking to my friend Amy from work the other day on Skpye and she just so happened to be chilling out at home dressed in a fully fledged dinosaur suit. Obviously this raised a few questions. I proceeded to find out about KIGU's. A few days later 6 or 7 of us all have one of our desired choice on order. It took a bit of a read but jesus christ, these things are designed to wear when your lounging around the house etc. Technically giant PJ's, making them totally not gay, sort of. Its going to be a Sunday evening I-have-fuck-all-to-do-so-I'm-going-to-chill-out-in-my-wolf-suit kind of thing.

Oh yeah, Urban Outfitters are buying out the company and going to start selling them for £60 a go. So £30 - £35 doesn't seem so bad right now.