For one of my modules at uni we had to pick a photographer that we have to solidly study for five to six weeks. I thought this sucked because I know every week I'd probably want to change photographers because I don't have just one photographer that I love. After A few hours in the library I came to the conclusion of Weegee.

From the mid 1930's to the 1940's he photographed New York's urban everyday. From murder scenes, fires and automobile accidents for the readers of the New York tabloids. Through his lens, the city became a permanent performance for him, while he documented the raw truth of these characters lives in the burst of a flash.

The main reason I chose Weegee was because he's one of my favorite photographers that I don't know a great deal about, giving me the interesting chance to learn more about him. Also all his work was black and white film, something I'm eager to start using more, making him the perfect photographer to research for this module. If anyone has any good books, articles or anything of the sort on him please let me know...

Simply Add Boiling Water 1937

Car Crash, Upper Fifth Avenue 13 July 1941

On the spot 1940
'To me a photograph is a page from life, and that
being the chase, it must be real.'