I hope you had a nice Christmas and shit. In the next few days the only thing your going to be thinking about (a part from getting the fuck out of your house) and talking about is new years eve. A night where you have to go out and get fucked, you really just don't have a choice. But along with this you also have to make a choice of which out of the 500 venues your friends are going to. Not to mention the same sort of figure for entry price and drinks.
Hopefully this might help, Fuck The Whiteboard are having the last messy two hours at this. I'm hitting a house party then ending up here. Trust me, it will not disappoint. 


''This is how we do it. We've invited 8 of our favourite promoters from the last 12 months to host 2 hours each at our very own New Years Eve House Party. Each will be joined on the decks by special guests, friends and bands who have played in the last year. If that wasn't enough we've invited one of the most exciting ground breaking electronic music producers in the country to come and see us through midnight, self styled inventor of midget house, SOLO.

Downstairs will be hosted by Kate Bones, Cool For Cats, No Pain In Pop and Dance Magic Dance.

Upstairs will be hosted by Fuck the White Board, Pearl Flash, Dollop, Goldsmiths Bass Society and seeing us through midnight SOLO.''

Doors: 8PM TILL 4AM