Musgrove. The House Party.

Announcing house parties on Facebook really does work for you and sometimes majorly against you. It easily lets all of your friends know what the fucks going on. But also every other cunt with in a 42 mile radius. So when a party gets mentioned on there and over 20 people get invited it seems to have 400 confirmed guests the day after with the number constantly growing. This was certainly the case with the party on Musgrove Road in New Cross. I mean, I know exactly why the invitations got well out of hand, it was set to be an amazing party. The house was massive, they had a band going on [BEATY HEART] in the living room and DJ slots booked up until 5am. It was a no brainer. 

Sadly, something happened that really was going to happen which we hoped wouldn't happen. The house literally got so full that students were spilling out the windows pretty much. The police got sniff of it and it seems like they sent half of the station out to see what was going on. Once again I was only using a small point a shoot, one with a button that didn't like to work that much. But still, amongst the chaos I got a few snaps. The third one down I didn't take! 

A bit further down there is an out of focus picture of a guy shouting and holding a brick out the window. He later was arrested.