A doing day.

As I got back from Sweden on my birthday, I decided to take the week off uni and doing any type of real work. Like sorting out photos or checking e-mails etc. Sadly everything I've been avoiding will become a reality when I wake up tomorrow morning. Tomorrow shall be a doing day. In this doing is getting this blog up to date nice and sharpish. 

I just got about 7 rolls of film back from Stockholm and my birthday, so I'm going to just throw a few out there before I blog them in groups and write about them all in more detail. I'm not being lazy...well I am. But then again, its not tomorrow morning yet.  

I have films still from the LCC 2nd and 1st year 'Work in Progress' show, the famous Musgrove party that got stormed by 300 students then double that in Police, the several snow days we had, an odd one from new years eve, a trip to Brighton, my birthday and Stockholm. Oh and last friday's Fuck The Whiteboard. So yeah, I'll get typing.