Got any heavy duty black-sacks? Bring 'em.

So it seemed to snow for a solid 6 weeks this winter and it got pretty boring pretty quick. But there are many a things you can do in the snow, throw it at people who don't want to be thrown at, build snow-men, go sledging...or you could put all four of your limbs through two bin bags, fasten them securely around your waist, go to one of the steepest hills in South London and see what happens when you throw your torso down it in a penguin like manner. It definitely works.  
This was still in the stages of when I didn't have any old shit camera's so I only had the fish eye to use. It came out with some interesting shots and survived a lot of banging to the ground at high black-sack speeds. Most of the shots were taken whilst sliding down, so were like mid-shot. So just imagine them about to fly kick into me. It was a lot of fun.